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Our Arctic Bloc Trousers are made to order to every department or Agency's specifications. No Department is too large or too small. We take your Washable Wool Blend, Poly/Rayon or Polyester Fabric Currently Specified and Manufacture an Arctic Bloc trouser with our patented Power Shield lining.

Don’t spend another winter out in the cold without one of our trousers. Contact you’re nearest Uniform Dealer to place an order now for your Arctic Block Trouser.

 Arctic Bloc fabrics are the next generation of technical Clothing - the soft shell.  This clothing concept goes beyond traditional 2-layer systems, which feature fleece insulation and a waterproof/breathable shell, to a single layer that protects against all but the worst weather conditions and delivers extended breathability, abrasion resistance and stretch to enhance your outdoor comfort.

How does it work?
Arctic Bloc fabrics feature a smooth, tightly woven nylon face for abrasion resistance equal or superior to the best shells, but without the stiffness and noise.  A polyester velour back that traps air and provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Arctic Bloc enables the fabric to block 98% of the wind. The remaining 2% is allowed to circulate within the fabric, which greatly enhances moisture vapor transmission –2 times faster than other waterproof breathable shells – and improves breathability, reducing the risk of heat stress buildup.

All Arctic Blocfabrics are finished with a durable water repellent (DWR) to shed rain and snow. All version feature spandex or mechanical stretch for freedom of movement.

Garments made from Arctic Bloc fabrics are designed to replace traditional fleece and shell systems for most outdoor clothing applications, reducing the weight and number of layers needed to insulate and protect. They are ideal, winter Duty activities.They are used in jackets, pants, bibs, hats,and gloves.  It's clothing that works.