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Contract Work & Private Label

In an Effort to help even the smallest Distributor or Retailer offer Unique and Low Cost programs to their customers, Global offers Contract Packages to our Clients.  

As a Uniform contractor with production available in Mexico and Asia, over the last several years, we have developed high quality factories capable of manufacturing small and large production runs. We did this solely for manufacturing for small, medium and large uniform companies based in the United States.   

We have 37 years manufacturing experience in Uniforms. We understand the details and quality needed to service this industry. We also understand the substantial cost savings this can mean to you having the ability to use us as a contractor on a Cut, Make, and Thread basis.   

We will take your Fabric and Specifications and Painlessly deliver to you a finished product. We also can take your Designs and turn them into a finished product.

We are located near Mexico’s and Asia's largest Uniform Fabric mills, We can arrange your direct purchase of 100% Wool, Poly/Wool, 100% Polyester and Poly/Cotton fabrics at substantial savings in comparison to U.S. mills.

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